Who Builds Custom Decks in Stockton, IL?

Who Builds Custom Decks in Stockton, IL?

Curtiss Construction will improve your outdoor living space

If you're interested in enjoying better outdoor living, consider building a custom deck. Curtiss Construction has the deck builder you need in Stockton, IL.

We build wood and composite decks of any size and shape. A multiple level deck can expand your outdoor living space in an attractive fashion. We can create custom decks with unique finishes, stairs, railings and other features.

Tear out your old deck and replace it with something brand new by contacting a deck builder in Stockton, IL.

3 long-lasting reasons to build a custom deck

There are numerous reasons to build a deck on your property, including:

  1. Adding value to your home
  2. Creating an outdoor entertaining area
  3. Increasing your living space
Our deck builder in Stockton, IL would be willing to park a truck on any of our custom decks to showcase their strength and durability. Reach out to us now for a deck that will stand the test of time.